Based upon our professional and academic expertise, we employ our own research to identify, map and to evaluate potential challenges, which might disrupt your stakeholder relations, and elaborate strategies how to address these threats.

Our experience is based on consulting projects for leading tech companies like Huawei Technologies and on the support of the development of ethics frameworks of autonomous driving for the Singapore Economic Development Board and the Canadian Transport Commission. We want to help you understand, observe and control ethical challenges in your work. Our services include the management of digital ethics, the quantification of business ethics and the training of your company’s executives on ethical matters.

Digital Ethics

In our research, we have focussed extensively on integrating digital technologies in the scope of business ethics and human rights. For the evaluation and management of your digital ethics strategy, we rely our own expertise in the fields of AI and a global network of experts in the realm of digital ethics. To this end, we have published a white paper, which summarizes our key insights on the regulation and management of Artificial Intelligence by enterprises and political entities and includes the current tendencies in the recent discourse on AI regulation.

Making Ethics tangible

In the past years, we gained experience in the fields of business ethics and in the field of measuring non-financial KPIs. Together with Volkswagen, we developed the Integrity Index, which allows us to detect potential conflicts of the commitment of a company to its stakeholders and the actual business conduct. Based upon our assessment of Volkswagen Passenger Cars and Audi, we elaborated concrete measures to address the risks identified by the integrity index.

Executive Education

Resting on the international teaching experience of our employees in business and digital ethics, we offer training and seminars for business leaders and executives on business ethics, human rights and digital ethics. If you are interested in learning more about our education program, you can contact us directly.


  • for incorporating ethics in your corporate strategy and culture
  • for tailoring the Code of Ethics to the demands of your stakeholders
  • for designing corporate policies to prevent and mitigate non-financial risks
  • for addressing the topics of concern in your sustainability or impact report


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